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  • If you change the ID of this form section ("Route" in this example) you must change the visiblefrom- class to match ("visiblefrom-Route" in this example)
  • This section assumes the ID you are assigning is "Approver."  If the section you assign has a different ID, change "Approver" to that ID in both the visiblefrom- class (visiblefrom-Approver) and the name of the NetID input field (formcycle-assign-to-netid-Approver)


Code Block
<form id="Route" class="form-section visiblefrom-Route visiblefrom-Signature form-router">
	<h2>Route to Approver</h2>
	<div class="row-fluid">
		<div class="span2">
			<label>Approver NetID</label>
			<input type="text" name="formcycle-assign-to-netid-Signature" class="form-autosize required">
	<div class="controls">
		<div class="buttons">
			<button type="submit" class="btn btn-hover-success" value="approve" name="submit"><i class="icon-arrow-right"></i> Route</button>


Code Block
<input type="text" name="Date" class="form-autosize datepicker">


If your datepicker isn't working, make sure that the head section of your document includes the following:

<script src=""></script>



Includes the @ symbol on the keyboard of some mobile devices, limited browser validation