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Here are some steps to follow when planning out an online form.

Create a Group to "Own" the Form Separate From Approvers

A good practice to follow is have one group "own" the form and other groups for the approval processes.  For example, a two-step workflow for ordering office supplies might look like this:

  1. User submits order
  2. Someone in the approval group approves the purchase and orders the supplies

In this case you might create two groups:

  • "Office Supplies Order - Form Owners" to manage the HTML form itself and workflow steps
  • "Office Supplies Order - Approvers" to approve purchase requests

You would build the form using the owners group.  Step 1 of the workflow would allow anyone to fill it out (unless you wanted to restrict who can even place an order) while step 2 would be assigned to the approvers group.  This way the person who created the form (probably you, dear reader) doesn't get an email every time a new office supply request came in.

Map Out Sections

  • Start with the basics of what information you are going to collect and from who.  
  • Each set of information from a given party should be a separate section of the form.
  • Determine which sections are optional and under what criteria.