Requesting Access

Requesting Access to a Specific Form

If you need access to process a specific form contact the organization responsible for the form itself. Usually contact information is located in the footer of the form.

Requesting Access to Build Forms

If you would like to build forms for your school or organizational unit you can Request Access to the Online Forms Engine electronically. You will need to be familiar with building forms in HTML and applying CSS classes to HTML elements. You can familiarize yourself with Form Builder Documentation before applying to make sure you have the requisite skills.

Tools and Training

Dreamweaver is a popular application to build web pages that is free to install on any University-owned machine as part of the University's agreement with Adobe. Information on installing the Adobe suite can be found on NUIT's Adobe Software page.

Dreamweaver training is offered through the Learning and Organization Development team in Human Resources. In-person classes are available on campus and free web-based video tutorials are available through Northwestern's partnership with Please note in both cases the curriculum is a general course in Dreamweaver not tailored toward developing online forms.

Contact Us

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