Online Forms Release 1.4 - Spring 2015

Version 1.4 of the Online Forms engine was released Friday, March 27, 2015.  This is a feature and maintenance release.

Custom Email Alerts

  • Ability to add custom notifications to other assignees and users (e.g., emailing a prior section that a new section was complete)

  • Ability to suppress default notifications

  • Ability to override default notifications (suppress and customize)

Full documentations is available at Configuring Email Alerts.

Webhooks (service sections)

Webhooks can be inserted between sections of a form to call an external service and perform workflow actions on the form based on the result of service call.

Full documentation is available at Webhooks (HTTP Callbacks).

Bugs and Other Maintenance

  • Bug in Forms in Flight where a potential assignee of an optional section could see the form even once their section was not activated (#133)

  • Bug where Safari wasn't downloading attachments (#136)

  • Section assignment now allows blank NetIDs, and can optionally be required (#126)

  • setonsubmit plugin now supports setonsubmit-ifhidden_disable which disables (doesn't send) data if a field is hidden

  • New styles added to static assets to style email templates and support future planned features

  • Fixed padding on pagination links on index pages (Forms #132, BaseApp #33)

  • Fixed problem with required class on non input fields (#122)

  • Forms with non activated optional sections show as in progress even if all activated sections are approved on 'My Forms' screen (#124)

  • Checkboxes across different sections with the same name are causing failed form validation on form template creation (#121)