Managing Form Section Permissions

After submitting your form you will be brought to a screen that allows you to manage permissions for each section of the form.  You can also access this form by going to Form Templates, clicking View of the form you want to manage, and scrolling down to the Set Access Controls button of the version you want to edit.  Each section can be restricted to a subset of system groups or “any.”

The first section should usually be set to “Any” to allow any NetID to access it.  Restricting this section to certain groups means only group members can initiate that form.

Subsequent sections will usually be restricted to some number of groups.  When a form reaches that section all groups will be notified that a form is pending in their queue.  If a user assigned that section earlier in the lifecycle, only the group/individual assigned by the user will get notification and be able to edit the form (see Assigning Form Sections for more information).

Assigning a subsequent section to “Any” assumes a user assignment will take place in a prior stage of the lifecycle.  If this assignment doesn’t occur nobody will get an email alert and nobody will see the form in their queue.  In other words, that form will be “lost” or “stuck.”